Why Internet Security

 Why Inovas Internet Security Workshops in IndiaYoung teens don’t yet have an “off” switch in their brains. That means that they often act impulsively. This lack of impulse control combined with online anonymity could lead middle schoolers toward dangerous behaviors: cyberbullying, inappropriate photo or video uploads, illegal downloads, meeting strangers -- even cheating. Because socializing is so important to young people, online interactions can become pretty intense -- whether they’re playing games, chatting with friends, or sharing work.

Teens are creating a digital footprint that can last a long time in cyberspace. Things they post can be forwarded by others and viewed by vast anonymous audiences. If you teach them to self-reflect before they self-reveal, their online experiences are more likely to be safe.

The first step to keeping your preteens and teens safe on the Internet is to find out what they’re doing online to make sure they’re behaving respectfully and responsibly. Talk to them about what’s appropriate to say to others, what kind of content is okay to upload and download, and what kinds of interactions are important to avoid. Helping your children become responsible digital citizens is what will ultimately keep them safe online.

Our Goal

The goal is not to stop young generation from using the internet but to advise them to use it in a safer way. The benefits of the internet can be much greater than its risks if everyone learns to be smart online.

Engage children in a two-way conversation about on- and offline risks.
Educate children on how to recognize potential Internet risks.
Empower children to help prevent themselves from being exploited and to report victimization to a trusted adult.

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