Why Inovas Workshops

The internet has become a vital part of our life. The young generation has grown with internet and taken it as its best buddy, friend, philosopher and guide. A gap, lets call it generation gap, has been created by the cyber world between children and parents. To develop a confidence between two generation, inovas has designed a special workshops which will not only talk about the use of internet but also address the issues to make cyber users aware of the risks of the internet.

The aim is not to stop young generation from using the internet but to advise them to use it in a safer way. The benefits of the internet can be much greater than its risks if everyone learns to be smart online. This workshop aims to impart young generation, parents and teachers with the knowledge of digital media literacy, positive online behavior, peer and personal safety, e-security, ethical hacking and parental security guides.


Our mission is to create innovative technology that serves the need of every individual in a unique way. Inovas is committed to justify even the most bold IT initiative, to realize the dreams and ideas of the people and make world a better place to live in. Inovas also knows that information technology can be very harmful to kids and youth if used without proper knowledge, navigation and awareness. The safety of our next generation has motivated us to incorporate Cyber Awareness workshops in our company profile.

Inovas Workshops