InovasParents often admire how easily their children can use the Internet – but aren’t quite sure of what they are doing or seeing. Yet the single biggest step you can take towards ensuring the safety of your child online is to get involved in their online lives.

Inovas has developed a seminar series to take the mystery out of the Internet for parents and to give them the skills to engage with their children’s online lives.

The seminar will give a practical demonstration of the technologies and the websites young people are using. You will hear young people talking about how they use the Internet, why it is attractive to them, and get an insight into children’s main concerns about being online. Parents will be introduced to strategies to help their children be responsible, effective and safer Internet users. If you are interested in holding a seminar for parents in your school please Contact us .

Inovas wants to keep you up to date with information that will enable you to protect your kids. You may have suffered from security issues or internet safety for kids may be an unfamiliar topic for you. We are here to provide you with a safety expert that is a well-informed, reliable source of education. Even if you are not an advanced techie, we can easily teach you what you need to understand to enhance your security. Our thoroughly researched information is presented in a straightforward easy to follow manner.It is our goal to be your trusted resource for online safety training.

Staying Safe in a Wired World

This is the most requested presentation because it covers Children on the Internet, what they are doing online, the applications children are using and how parents can keep their children safe in a wired world.

- Cyber Bullies
- Internet Safety for Children
- Preventing Crimes of Sexual Predators
- Protecting Your Identity Online
- Internet Safety Planning for Schools and Businesses Computer Crimes
- Internet Dating Safety
- Safety for Single Women
- Cyber Stalking
- Internet Pornography and Obscene Material
- Teens and the Internet


Our mission is to create innovative technology that serves the need of every individual in a unique way. Inovas is committed to justify even the most bold IT initiative, to realize the dreams and ideas of the people and make world a better place to live in. Inovas also knows that information technology can be very harmful to kids and youth if used without proper knowledge, navigation and awareness. The safety of our next generation has motivated us to incorporate Cyber Awareness workshops in our company profile.

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