IT Security Consultancy

Inovas consultancyExpert Consultation on Kids and youth safety and security can cost several thousands of rupees just to ask a few simple questions. Inovas believes that those costs are simply too high. The people behind Inovas Tech realize that there is a true need for the types of services we offer; such as expert consultation and advice, but at a cost that is economically realistic. We have an absolute advantage over competing consultants. There is no one that offers these services at such a low rate.

We provide you with a safety expert that knows all of the ins and outs of internet security. Ask about anything from viruses, identity theft prevention to kids online safety. We offer you effective solutions for monitoring your children's online activity especially when it comes to social media sites. You want your kids to have fun, but you also want them to be safe too. With our tips and suggestions you will learn ways to protect your children when they are using social media or websites for interactions. Anything that you would like to know about internet security can be found in our online safety training. Inovas helps you to make the web safe for you and your family.


Our mission is to create innovative technology that serves the need of every individual in a unique way. Inovas is committed to justify even the most bold IT initiative, to realize the dreams and ideas of the people and make world a better place to live in. Inovas also knows that information technology can be very harmful to kids and youth if used without proper knowledge, navigation and awareness. The safety of our next generation has motivated us to incorporate Cyber Awareness workshops in our company profile.

Inovas Workshops